Georgia Wesleyan College

Original Building Of Georgia Female College (Now Wesleyan) Macon, Georgia. Established 1836.

First College In The World To Bestow Degrees Upon Women. Catherine Brewer Received The First Diploma in 1840. The plates are marked on back with the Wedgwood backstamp and "Made in England For the Transylvania Club of Sandersville, Georgia."

This plate depicts the original building at the Georgia Female College. In the image stands a single prominent building, surrounded by lush foliage. Four young girls, all dressed in historic fashion, stand far off to the side, enjoying a moments rest from their studies.

The Georgia Female College was originally chartered on December 23, 1836. On January 7, 1839, the first students began attending classes. Though other schools had opened their doors to women at this time, none offered diplomas in the typical "college" sense. In 1843 the college was renamed Wesleyan Female College, a name that remained until 1917, when the school was renamed Wesleyan College. A note of interest: Wesleyan was the birthplace of the first modern Sororities.

From the Transylvania Club Web Site:
"In 1932, Louise Irwin, a Transylvania Club member, conceived and executed the design of the Georgia Historical Plates as part of the upcoming 1933 Georgia Bicentennial Celebration. She suggested the project to the Transylvania Club as a celebration of the Bicentennial and the 25th anniversary of the Club. Miss Louise Irwin's design consisted of a set of 12 dinner-sized plates each with a different event, location or person(s) in Georgia's history depicted in the center. Encircling these subjects and contained within a border of cotton, peaches, Cherokee roses and boughs of long-leaf pine are more historical Georgia subjects- The Savannah, Fort Frederica, Liberty Hall, Crawford W. Long's home, and Bethesda Orphanage. The seal of Georgia with the state motto, "Wisdom, Justice and Moderation", appears at the lower center of the border. Words taken from the State Creed, "non sibi sed aliis" (not for self but others) are entwined above the state seal.

In February 1974, Governor Jimmy Carter signed the Georgia General Assembly's resolution number 573 making the Georgia Historical Plates the official plates for the State of Georgia"

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