Scotch Thistles on Pennsylvania Plates

"The plates of the University of Pennsylvania [first series] give their owners much colonial history. At the bottom we placed the university seal, and quartering the plate therewith are three medallions. The first shows the Old Charity School of 1740, from which the university developed. The second is that of the Presidential Mansion, which was built by Pennsylvania as a residence for the President of the United States when Philadelphia expected to become the national capital. The third is that of the old College Hall and Medical Hall. In the more conventional parts of the border the thistle is used. The thistle recalls the Scotch influence on the university in its early days. A graduate of the University of Aberdeen was the first provost, and the founder of the medical school was a graduate of the University of Edinburgh. Cementing the whole are garlands of oak and laurel, denoting honor and strength. The centre views give expression to the various units of the university, one of the most interesting being an action picture of a football game at Pennsylvania's famous Franklin Field."

From "Commemorative Plates by Wedgwood", a pamphlet published in 1931 by Jones, McDuffee & Stratton, the major US china importer of the time, based in Boston.

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