Smith College Plates by Wedgwood

Wedgwood issued a set of college plates for the Smith College in 1932: twelve different views, transfer printed on a 10.5 inch diameter Queensware (earthenware) plate, with an embossed (raised) stock border of scrolling foliage known as "Patrician". The Patrician border was used for a variety of other series and dinnerware patterns, and was also available in plain cream, so that it is possible to buy almost any other dinnerware item with the Patrician border to compliment these Smith College plates. The Smith College plates were available in Blue, Red and Green, which correspond to the Class Colors once popular at many women's colleges. These plates proved so popular with alumnae that they were reissued several times, and matching cups and saucers (with a view of College Hall) were also made.

"Like the Wellesley series, the plates of Smith College are embossed on the border, with an old Wedgwood scroll [Patrician pattern] as the basic motif. Etchings of characteristic scenes form the centres. We are particularly charmed by the vista through the Grecourt Gates. Here is focused much that is characteristic of Smith within the graceful rhythm of a Grecian scroll. This series is sponsored by the Smith College Club of St. Louis in order to raise a fund to be given to the college for scholarship purposes."

From "Commemorative Plates by Wedgwood", a pamphlet published in 1931 by Jones, McDuffee & Stratton, the major US china importer of the time, based in Boston.

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