Squirrels Play on St. Paul Plates

For those with playful imaginations, the very sight of the plates for St. Paul School, Concord, NH, may serve as a substitute for a visit to the beautiful New Hampshire country.

Squirrels, pine cones, oak leaves, and acorns, together with local fruits and flowers, form a charming border for the St. Paul plates. The whole design suggests intimacy and country simplicity. These plates were sponsored by Reverend Doctor Samuel S. Drury, rector of the school. The rector, being particularly interested in the grey squirrels which abound on his campus, gave his personal attention to the depiction of their attitudes in the evolution of his design. Another interesting feature is the introduction of action scenes, such as those of an eight-oared crew and a hockey game. We brought out the St. Paul plates, in addition to the conventional blue, in a brilliant underglaze pink [transfer] which has since been known as "St. Paul pink."

From "Commemorative Plates by Wedgwood", a pamphlet published in 1931 by Jones, McDuffee & Stratton, the major US china importer of the time, based in Boston.

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