Vassar Emphasizes Silhouettes of Trees

"Members of Professor Chatterton's art class at Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY, entered into friendly competition, which in reality was friendly cooperation, when called on to create college plates. For their design they turned naturally to campus fruits and flowers, appreciating the significance of their daisy chain which holds Vassar graduates together in a bond of beauty.

Within the border of the daisy chain are centres showing characteristic treatments of the Vassar campus. Most effective use has been made of the silhouettes of trees that have meant so much to Vassar students. Vassar was the first of the modern series to use a combination of colors. In addition to blue, there are plates in rose, mulberry, and green. These colorful plates were sponsored by the Alumnae Association of the college."

From "Commemorative Plates by Wedgwood", a pamphlet published in 1931 by Jones, McDuffee & Stratton, the major US china importer of the time, based in Boston.

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